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Over 30 years of experience in home remodeling industry

Premier Remodeling Contractor in Chicago

Titan Builders’ impact in Chicago’s home remodeling market is largely due to the fact that we are first and foremost, a client-focused company. “Our primary mission is to be a multi-faceted, modern and innovative company. We’re a total solution company that provides 5-star service to our clients irrespective of the size of the project.” says Michael Dreier, Titan’s Founder and President.

Our perspective comes from over 30+ years of working closely with our clients. Listening to their needs and understanding their vision has been our practice and continues to be a huge part of our mission. This, along with having a highly experienced team that have been in the remodeling industry for many years positions us as a leader in Chicago’s remodeling market.

“Team Titan”, as we call ourselves, strives to consistently deliver results for our clients by providing quality workmanship and total integrity, regardless of the size of complexity of the project. We also believe that the success is not in the completion of the work, but also in the client’s overall positive experience. Our true goal is to help bring their ideas “to life” in their homes.

Titan Builders continues to be a leader in the Chicago home remodeling market because we adopt new ways to engage and connect with both new and previous clients. With today’s technology and a more sophisticated, educated consumer, we are setting the bar even higher in terms of product and service, and we’re proud of it!

Meet Team Titan


Michael Dreier

As Owner and President of Titan Builders, Michael Dreier, has over 30 years of experience in the home remodeling industry. His genuine concern to exceed all of our clients’ expectations is what drives Michael to be actively involved in every project from start to finish. 

His number one mission is to listen to every client’s needs, create a flawless design, and deliver the absolute best experience for each and every one of them. His “TEAM TITAN” strives to do the same.


Mary Dreier

As Chief Marketing Officer, Mary is responsible for all branding, marketing, and social media strategy for Titan Builders. With over 18 years of experience behind her, she has spearheaded sales and strategy for some of the largest consumer brands in the U.S. 

Unique to Titan, she has diverse experience in a variety of markets and has a keen understanding and awareness of the industry and consumer trends. She brings a fresh perspective to Titan, employing new ideas about how we look at our business. She helps spread our customer-centric and seamless approach across all of our business partners and staff. Lastly, overseeing the Titan brand and what “Team Titan” represents in the eyes of our customers in the Chicago market, Mary works closely with Michael to steer brand strategy as we look to develop a new way of doing business with customers…as PARTNERS.


Mark Seef

Since 1991, Mark has been in business helping customers achieve their dream home. He works very closely with the customers from concept design, to choosing materials, to quality labor — all done at a price that meets their budget. His ultimate goal is total communication from

beginning to end and making sure the project is managed properly so that it is done right the first time. Mark’s extensive expertise is in rehabs and major exterior remodeling projects. He has been in business for 30 years.

operations Manager

Miles Schwartz

With a commitment to excellence, Miles manages the day-to-day details necessary to support the efficient operation of our team. From scheduling appointments to managing project timelines and budgets, he ensures our projects are meticulously handled, leaving our clients with a sense of confidence in our services.

Performance coach

Sheryl Seef

Sheryl has many years of experience in staff management, staff training, and leadership. At Titan Builders, Sheryl employs these skills to help develop up-to-date systems and guide our leadership team to consistently strive to achieve best practices in the field.

Account Executives

These are the people that get it all started. They will answer your questions and take all information and work directly with your sales rep to get your project started.

Sales Team​

Our highly trained sales reps will come to your home to work with you on design and structure your project to fit your budget.

Project Managers

These are experts in their field who will oversee your project from start to finish. They are there to coordinate and make sure all materials are ready at the job site, and that TEAM TITAN is ready to begin your project. They will answer any questions you may have about the work being done on your home.